Exercising Without Alala Is A Mistake

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For a while now we’ve struggled to find the right activewear for exercising. For women, comfort is a big deal whether you are riding a bike, in the gym, or trying to hold a crazy yoga position. Without the right attire, exercise is much harder than it needs to be.

However, it’s not just comfort we look for let’s be honest. We want to look GOOD too! That’s where Alala comes in. Alala is the leading store for high end designer activewear for women.

Founded in 2014, they have managed to increasingly stand out from the crowd and the competition. Their collection includes the widest range of trendy women’s workout clothes, and luxury gym attire.

Alala is sold in well over 100 major retailers including Bloomingdales and Neiman Marcus, and there are many celebrities that have been spotted wearing them such as Naomi Watts, Reese Witherspoon, and Jessica Alba.

You can check them out here, and Save 15% Off Sitewide (excluding sale items) with Code SK15

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