Our Favorite Products Of The Week

Disclosure: This post contains sponsored links which MyShopFind receives compensation for.

This week, we would like to compile a list of some of our favorite products that we’ve had the pleasure of trying recently. For this type of review, we’re specifically looking to only write about products that stand out from the crowd due to having uniqueness, or excelling in quality standards.

The Flex Company (FlexFits.com)

They have an innovative product called the FLEX Disc, which is a new menstrual product for 12 hours of period protection and mess-free period sex. No more bloating, cramping, changing or leaks.

Best Price Nutrition (BestPriceNutrition.com)

We’ve recently started ordering supplements from here due to their massive selection. They claim to have the largest selection of supplements, pre-workouts, fat burners, proteins and vitamins online.

Petter Manning (PeterManningNYC.com)

Let’s face it, not all guys are over 6ft tall. Peter Manning specializes in making clothes for “shorter” men. Their clothes are high quality and include shorter inseam pants, shirts you can wear untucked and suits.


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